George Thanassoulis

Dr. George Thanassoulis 

Dr. Thanassoulis is the Director of Preventive and Genomic Cardiology at the MUHC and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at McGill University. He completed his MD from the University of Toronto, his medical and cardiology training both at the University of Toronto and McGill University and his MSc in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at McGill University. He subsequently completed a clinical fellowship in echocardiography at the Jewish General Hospital and a post-doctoral fellowship in Genomic and Cardiovascular Epidemiology at the National Institute of Health's Framingham Heart Study.

His major clinical interests are in cardiovascular prevention. He also provides clinical services in the echocardiography laboratory and in the Coronary Care Unit. His major research interests are in the genomics of aortic stenosis and acute coronary syndrome as well as in improving preventive care of young individuals with family history of heart disease or cardiometabolic risk factors. He is currently the principal investigator of the CIHR-funded Early Aortic Valve Lipoprotein(a) Lowering (EAVaLL) trial that will test whether pharmacological Lp(a) lowering in individuals genetically predisposed to high Lp(a) can reduce the progression of aortic valve disease.