Research highlights

Since 2012, the Cardiovascular Health Across the Lifespan program was resourced by nearly $19 million obtained by 38 researchers from funding agencies that include CIHR, HSF, FRQS NSERC, SSHRC, CFI, NIH, and MESI. We have produced 428 publications and 1 book. Journal IF have been >30 in 12 articles; >15 in 38 articles and have included there 4 publications in NEJM, 4 in LANCET, 6 in JAMA and 3 in Nature Genetics. There have been 29 awards and honours including 4 chercheurs boursiers. Research recognition includes Best paper of the year in clinical research, Circulation in 2014 and Award for the highest ranking abstract at the American College of Cardiology 2014. There have been 10 publications with press release since 2012.

  • Knowledge discovery (Genest): First-time identification of the ABCA1 transporter as the rate-limiting step in HDL biogenesis; of urotensin as a potent vasopressor.

  • GWAS in aortic stenosis (Thanassoulis): Completion of the first ever genome-wide association and Mendelian randomization study of valve calcification in collaboration with Harvard, Johns Hopkins (NEJM 2013). 

  • Quebec Congenital Heart Disease Database (Marelli): Funded by the CIHR and FRQS the “Quebec Congenital Heart Disease Database” contains life-long follow-up from 1983 to 2010 in over 100,000 patients, enabling researchers to obtain first-time population-based life-time estimates of CHD prevalence and informing the US Congenital Heart Disease Futures Act resulting in appropriation of $2 million for CHD Surveillance at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US. Collaboration with Pediatrics, Medicine, Epidemiology-Biostatistics at McGill University (Circulation 2014)

  • CONGENERATE (Marelli) is a first tailored electronic health record with data sharing and tracking capabilities implemented in five major US sites (NIH $1.2M). A not-for-profit entity, “Congenerate Solutions,” was registered in Québec in 2012 to address growing requests for software distribution (collaboration with McGill University, Montreal Heart Institute, Sherbrooke University).

  • AMI Québec (Huynh) (2012-2016): A first and only province-wide information network aimed at systematic improvement of acute myocardial infarction care across Quebec has grown with AMI-ON TIME and AMI-OPTIMA with CIHR and industry funds now exceeding $900K. Collaboration with McGill University and 17 hospitals across Quebec.

  • FA-CILITER (Huynh) (2012-2016): A first KT driven, patient-centred Quebec-wide collaborative is aimed at reducing care gaps and improving health services for patients with AF. Collaboration with McGill University and 13 hospitals across Quebec.

  • TAPS (patent pending) (Martucci): First-time invention of a novel circulatory device to treat refractory pulmonary hypertension has been developed in collaboration with McGill Bioengineering.

  • MAR-KIN Foundation Percutaneous Valve Centre (Piazza 2012): Using a $1.5-million fund, this centre houses a unique animal lab specifically designed for implantation of experimental valves for the first-in-man percutaneous mitral valve models. Collaboration with German Heart Centre, Munich.